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This cache was originally placed here by Cacheoholic on 9/06/2007 as "IN SEARCH OF THE SOURCE OF THE WEST BRANCH (GC15QJ0)". It was archived in October of 2012 and I was with the group who were the last to find it after being archived.
Disclaimer: You are not required to attempt or complete this cache. If you feel uncomfortable around dangerous cliffs, or potential falling rock, light bouldering, wading through stinking bog water or the possibility of encountering harmful animals, bacteria or disease, you should NOT attempt this cache. Please be aware of cache difficulty and terrain ratings. This cache may be challenging and/or dangerous to attempt. Do not try anything that you do not feel completely comfortable with. Remember, no one is forcing you to complete this cache.
Please familiarize yourself with the link Disclaimer. If you are uncomfortable with or untrained in the means of acquiring this or any cache, you are not being required to find it. Geocaching, like other outdoor sports, may involve some risks. As the geocache seeker, you take responsibility for all risks involved, including the risk of personal injury or property damage.
After finding the previous cache that was located here, I hoped to see a new cache published at this location. Time has gone by with no new cache, so I have taken up the call. Most importantly, I felt that any cache that took this location should be as equally adventurous of an expedition as Cacheoholic's original. As such, this cache is not for the light of heart.
The cache has been replaced, but not as previously had been intended. It has been replaced much more closely to as I had found it. Thus, wading in knee deep muck and filth will likely be necessary. Reaching deep into muck and filth will also be likely.
The container is no longer an ammo can. It has been replaced with a weighted pelican box. I look forward to seeing how these things really hold up in a submerged environment. Please note in your found logs the state of the contents when you find it.
Here is the original description for this cache location to assist you in your journey: "It’s not just a cache, it’s an expedition!" "hidden in a challenging but accessible area. Be careful!" "Leave the women and children at home! This is a real man’s cache! Most men won’t even want to do this one." "I scouted this area out a few years ago to hide a cache. I even had an ammo box with me but had one problem. No GPS signal. Now with new high sensitivity GPS chip sets it is possible. I was very surprised to see 16’ EPE reported down in this canyon." "The cache is hidden near the source of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. Recommended parking is at the ice cream stand between the Old Farm Inn and the car wash along SR-219. You’ll find a quad trail between the ice cream stand and the car wash. This will take you in the right direction. The quad trail is your friend. Hang with it as long as you can stand (no more than 200 or 300 feet past the cache) because a straight bushwhack would require climbing equipment. The cache is hidden near an abandon railroad tunnel. Enjoy the short walk while you can because it changes in the last 100 or so feet. Be sure to watch where you are going. There are cliffs in the area. There is a lot of water but it’s not too deep. I made it in and out without boots and didn’t get wet, but I was lucky. I didn’t see any snakes but did spot at least 1 or 2 crocodiles!" "I didn’t want to give a hint but if you're willing to try it I’ll give you a hint or two. Please be careful and have fun! First hint - there is no need to anything very stupid when you are near the cache."
Note: the above quote is taken from the description of the previous cache to be located at this site. So that there is no confusion, I did get very wet, muddy and stinky when I placed this cache. You WILL get wet, muddy and stinky finding it.
As with any arduous trek, please plan ahead before attempting this cache. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for rough terrain including but not limited to: light bouldering, loose soil, wading into knee deep water hazards.
DO NOT attempt this cache during inclement weather or after a period of heavy rain.
This can be a challenging adventure; you will be exerting some energy. Do not attempt this if you are not in good physical health. Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. I highly recommend doing this with a partner or group (for safety, but mostly to share the experience).

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